Nathan Philips Square ( Toronto): Landmark

Nathan Philips Square is a famous landmark in Toronto for the people to meet and get around. The pool in the middle turns into a beautiful skating rink during winters. You can take good pictures here. The place is easily accessible by public transit a.k.a TTC. 

This is a beautiful public space in Downtown Toronto. In the summer check out the green roof on the third floor, also accessible from the ramp in Nathan Phillips Square. There’s a running track up there as well as flowers and benches to sit and read. The building has public washrooms in the basement. Head to the right in the direction of the library to see signs for the washrooms.

Lot of events and concerts happen at this place all year round. It is a center for concerts, art, cultural and social events. Annual events like New Year’s party, Cavalcade of Light’s festival and lighting of Christmas trees also takes place here.  Contemporary art show Nuit Blanche also exhibits at Nathan Philips Square.

You can also book Nathan Philips square for your private event/concert/filming. City of Toronto has provisions for that as well.

Behind this is City Hall with service canada office and next to it is toronto court which gives you peak into little history of Canada.


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